About Rideshare Indy Website

Rideshare Indy Website logo imageThe Rideshare Indy website was created to help educate people about popular ride sharing programs, such as Lyft and Uber. Our goal is to show how the companies, and their corresponding apps (applications) operate all over Indiana, including tips, tricks and more, so that riders and drivers can make the most of these new technologies while traveling.

For riders, some of the topics which will be covered will be how, when and where to request a ride, what to expect, how to use the various smartphone apps, rider etiquette, airport pickup areas, tipping and more.

For drivers, we will cover subjects such as where and when to drive, driver etiquette, what to expect from riders, smartphone tools, running your own 1099 business, tax tips and other important areas of this ever-changing rideshare industry.

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