Need Rides Indy? UZURV Delivers

Uzurv black logo imageNeed rides Indy? UZURV delivers. Whether in Indianapolis or throughout Indiana, there is a new reservation service for Android and iPhone devices.

The mobile reservation application UZURV is a Smartphone app which allows you to plan ahead for a ride.

There are actually two apps involved in this effort. The rider app and the driver app.

The rider app allows a rider to announce to the UZURV server that they need a ride at some future time.

That could be 20 minutes, 11 hours, 16 days, whenever. The request is then added to a "feed" which goes out to all of the drivers who are signed up in the Indy area. Here's a screenshot of a recent request.

Need rides Indy Uzurv delivers feed image

Need Rides Indy? UZURV Delivers - Drivers

Drivers can view each ride request and decide if they want to drive for that ride. When they click the "I am interested" button, the rider is then notified of any drivers who have responded. The rider can then select a driver and arrange for him or her to be in the area of the needed ride.

When the driver arrives, he can turn on his app and (should) receive the request from that specific rider, once it is made.

I believe this app may be important in helping ride sharing services such as Lyft and Uber, even if they are not always "tapped in" to what their riders really want.

Need Rides Indy? UZURV Delivers - Riders

I cannot tell you how many times I have had a rider ask me "How do I get you again?". Other drivers I talk to say the same thing.

Although, Uber likes to say they are "everyone's private driver", it is not hard to fathom that a rider sometimes wants their OWN private driver, once they find one they trust.

Currently, there is a small fee, charged by UZURV, to both the rider and the driver for each accepted ride request.

In future articles, I will be talking about UZURV in much more detail.

So, if you need rides Indy, UZURV delivers! Download the appropriate app and check it out.

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