Why register on the Rideshare Indy website? If you are just "passing through" and only care to read a few articles, then there is really no reason to register on Rideshare Indy. If, on the other hand, you wish to leave a comment, join in a discussion or contact someone on the site, then you will need to register in order to do so.

You will also need to register in order to post a ride request to find your own regular "private driver" under either the Lyft or Uber platform.

If you have become comfortable with a certain Uber or Lyft driver, and want to request the same driver for repeat trips, you can use this site to find that driver or to post a ride request for a future trip.

Note: For safety and insurance coverage purposes, I recommend that you always use either the Lyft or Uber app on your Smartphone to request your driver for repeat trips. Of course, that driver would need to be the one who is closest to your pickup location, in order for your ride request to go to that specific driver.

Another reason we require registration is in order to protect the site from malicious "bots", which are robot computers, designed to promote spam and adware all over the Internet and the Rideshare Indy site.

For rideshare "Riders" and casual visitors, registration is free and I highly recommend signing up so that you don't miss out on anything and so that you will be able share your comments and ideas.

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Drivers can also register for free on RideshareIndy.com and registration ensures that you will have access to special areas designed exclusively for drivers on the website.

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