Tipping - To tip or not to tip is a question I get from time to time while driving for Uber.

My standard response is, "While tipping is not necessary, it is always appreciated." The Rideshare company Uber actually discourages tipping, claiming that since drivers "carry no cash", it is safer for them.

(Lyft, on the other hand, includes a simple optional tipping feature built into their smartphone app.)

I have yet to meet a driver who says that they do not want or need tips because they make enough money from their fares.

Note: The following is not meant as a complaint. I share it for illustration purposes only.

The screenshot below shows a typical ride where I had to drive a few miles in order to pickup the rider. Drivers are only paid for, roughly, the straight line distance (or "as the crow flies") from the point of pickup to the final destination, not the actual distance driven, and certainly none of the miles to get TO the rider.
Typical short Uber ride fare

On the surface, you might be inclined to say, "Gee, you made three bucks for driving less than a mile in under three minutes."

The reality is, when you factor in fuel, insurance, maintenance and the total miles driven to get to the rider, money was actually lost on this trip.

For this short post, I will leave it at this:

If you have had a safe, pleasant, enjoyable ride in a clean vehicle, and you want to encourage your rideshare driver to continue driving, then by all means, you may want to consider leaving a tip commensurate with your experience.

Or, you could always call a cab.


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