Uber vs Lyft vs Taxi in Indianapolis imageUber vs Lyft vs Taxi in Indianapolis is probably about the same as it is in many other medium-sized markets in the United States.

Uber, for now at least, dominates the "rideshare" part of the market.

Taxis, while still the largest single "slice of the pie", are rapidly losing ground to the two dominant rideshare companies here.

Neither Uber nor Lyft publicize their respective local market share. But, it is clear from personal experience and from talking with other drivers, that Uber is a good bit larger here. At least for now.

If Uber has an Achilles heel in Indy, it might be the fact that they stubbornly refuse to add an optional tipping feature. That, in part, is fueling the trend for Uber Indy drivers to embrace and run the Lyft app along with the Uber app.

Uber vs Lyft vs Taxi in Indianapolis - Big Difference

Taxis are an entirely different animal. Simply adding the ability to take fares by charge card will not be able to save their business model. After all, the whole taxi service model revolves around maintaining a fleet of vehicles and that is an expensive starting point for any company.

Ridesharing companies, on the other hand, require drivers to use their own vehicles.

And the ability to pick up fares at curbside is quickly losing its appeal to the much lower rideshare fares and superior technology features of the new Rideshare companies. Uber and Lyft drivers are usually within 5 to 10 minutes from a rider making a request in Indianapolis.

Taxis are notorious for taking much longer if they even show up at all.

Time will tell what the eventual outcome will be for Uber vs Lyft vs Taxi in Indianapolis, but the trend is clear. The "rideshare" tidal wave is sweeping the country and ride sharing is here to stay and growing in Indianapolis and the entire Indy area.


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